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Elhani Maritime is not limited to conventional transport only; it has evolved to a company with several activities in various fields. Our Group stretched out its business activities to assist in the rehabilitation of Romania's infrastructure and include consulting / advisory services.

In January 2001, a leading European consulting firm appointed Elhani Maritime (Black Sea) as its exclusive representative for the acquisition of civil engineering consulting projects in Romania in order to assist them to obtain several projects, primarily road rehabilitation, funded by Phare, EBRD, and World Bank agencies.

In October 2002, further to the company's involvement in such high level EU and World governmental agencies, the Romanian Presidential Administration invited the Owner & General Manager of Elhani Maritime, Mr. Hani Zaroubi, to accompany the president of Romania, HE Mr. Ion Iliescu, on an official business visit to Egypt & Jordan, and to the Francophone ceremony that took place in Lebanon that instant. After the later successful and productive visit, Elhani established even stronger business relationships on both National & International levels especially in the East Mediterranean region and started to develop its consulting activities / advisory services further in other sectors as well.


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